Thursday, April 7

Changing the Locks

Welcome to the Dystopic States of America! Orwell couldn't have portrayed a more complex, more insidious socio-economic arrangement. We're living a negative utopia where Corporate America really controls everything. They tell us how to think through the media, which they own. They tell our government officials how to legislate, which they own. They change laws to benefit only their interests and feed off of the sheeple (us) with abandon.

Predatory lending. Higher interest rates. Deregulation. Who have these tactics benefited? The American people? I think not. Deregulation has only benefited those on the supply side of the lending tree. And they have no conscience, no guilt and no moral fortitude in the face of blatant criminal behavior. Let's give them bonuses for doing such a good job.

Government may very well shut down because of "ideological" disagreements. The Grand Oil Party insists we need less government and less government spending. What they really mean is that we need fewer Democrats (or other parties) and less Left-ist spending. They're fine with exorbitant spending, as long as its for the pet projects of the GOP. I'm not saying the Dems are any better. But it’s the GOP that is talking out of both sides of its face in this matter. Less government spending, but don't you dare touch the Big Oil and Big Corporate subsidies. Monsanto needs our support to keep operating. Exxon-Mobil would be lost without the handouts we give them. CEOs across the land would become homeless if we had to cut back the subsidies.

Ha! Had you going for a minute, huh?

Why can't they balance the budget? Why does everything have to be an US vs. THEM fight to the death?

So here is my question: if the Federal government shuts down tomorrow can we change the locks? And we need to make sure Corporate America doesn’t get a new key.

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