Monday, April 4

Climbing Like Wildfire

Peak oil...


People trying to take my bike right out from under me...

Brent crude is at $121/bbl. It had hovered around $115 for a few weeks. Now its on a rocket to the stratosphere? WTI is holding around $108/bbl for now.

I almost swallowed my tongue the other day when I was out with my family and saw gas over $3.50/gal. Of course it's my wife who feels the sting more than I. She's the one who usually fills up. I've only put gas in our family car a few times (like 3) in 2011.

Should I swing by 5280 Armory tonight and get some 8mm and 12 ga. ammo? Should I go ahead and buy that 50 lb. bag of brown rice? Probably not just yet. But I'm keeping my eye on things.

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