Saturday, April 30

Day 30

Today is Day 30 of 30 Days of Biking. I managed 100% and the majority of my riding was strictly utility. Yesterday I rode casually past 500 miles and kept right on going for 26 more. I was going to round out the month with a jaunt up to Boulder and back this morning, purely a recreational ride to scout out a route for future such-jaunts with the family in tow, but as discretion is the better part of valor...

The alarm went off at 5am but when I peeked outside the wind was howling. I crawled back in bed. I'm so sick of the wind I just couldn't subject myself to a long ride in it.

I decided I would do some much needed BeanSeat maintenance. I took some scrap nylon and a foam pad and spruced up the seat. I added a belt and shoulder straps and beefed up the stoker bar with an old seatpost instead of the PVC pipe I had previously used. We're ready for kid-tastic touring!

I got in a ride. Bean and I ran down to the hardware store to pick up some wingnuts for the seat. While standing in line we talked to three-year-old Luke and his mom. Since Lily was wearing her bike helmet in the store the conversation swung to biking with kids. Luke's mom asked Lily if she rode HER bike and she said, no, she rode her dad's Xtracycle. Of course once the kids open the can of worm I am forced to explain the Xtracycle to a perfect stranger. While I love promoting utility cycling, especially in the form of the longtail cargo bike, I do prefer for the moment to be right.

Anyway, the Cannonball is all set up for commutes with Bean in May. I'll be taking her to Lind-topia each morning. I snagged her a rain coat at the ARC Thrift Store last night for moist days. Found a nice Stearns rain suit for a few bucks for Boone as well.

I had a chance to shoot for 600 miles this month, but I didn't push it. We'll see what happens in May. June might be a possibility too. Mandy and I are planning on doing a lot of outdoor stuff during Kid-Free June. And I'm guessing even if we're hiking or climbing or whatever, we'll be riding out bikes to get to where we want to go for the most part. I want to snag a big peak or two, and those trips my necessitate a car trip, but otherwise we'll be going on two wheels for all our trips.

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