Sunday, April 17

First Car-Free Weekend

It feels good to say that. We made a trip to Golden on Saturday and a trip to Golden today. There have also been a few trips down to the grocery and hardware stores here in Arvada.

Bean and I rode a solid 38 miles over two days. Mandy and Boone managed around 36.

There's no obstacle left to keep us from going where we want to go in the metro area with the kids on our bikes. I'm sure we'll face conditional obstacles like wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures in the future. And I'm sure we'll figure out a way to surmount those obstacles when the time comes.

The kids are great. They love to go on family rides on the longtails and they are so content while we're out.

Yesterday was the test run for today. This morning we rode to church in Golden. We packed our good clothes and made the ride in a respectable time. If we can pull that off as a family we can do just about anything on the bikes.

What's even more impressive is that we managed to get a pie to the building with us for the monthly fellowship meal and we returned with four flowers in small flowerpots.

Getting ready to leave this morning

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