Friday, April 15

Hardly a Ramming Speed Friday: I Knew It Edition

I even stopped as I was leaving the building at work and tried to readjust the front brake again. I swung past Pedal Pushers to show them the finished bike and then I plowed home against brake friction and a headwind. I managed a respectable speed a couple of times, but when I let off the go juice the Cannonball slowed.

I threw the bike up on the stand when I got home and gave the brake a good working over. Within a few minutes I had it back on and fulfilling its function.

Ripped 'er right off!

Back in business

I grabbed Boone and he and I cruised down to the store to pick up a couple of last minutes dinner supplies. The CBX was rolling fast again.

We're headed out for Golden first thing in the morning, the Cannonball and Lisa hauling the four of us there...

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