Friday, April 8

I Haven't The Foggiest

Day before yesterday I saw a job posting for an Assistant/Associate Planner – Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning in Eugene, Oregon. I'm qualified. It is a slight jump up in pay and I think the cost of living would balance out. It would be the next logical step as I try to get in touch with my inner hippie. Though truth be told, the end result in that path involves dirty fingernails, scruffy facial hair and me eating vegetables. Probably not going to progress to that point anyway.

I can craft a list of pros and convince myself they're valid. I'm not going to. I don't want to move further west. I'd love to visit the entire Pacific Coast at some point in time, but I really don’t want to diminish our connection with family to the east. I'm not saying that moving to Eugen, Oregon wouldn't be a grand adventure, much akin to the move to the Denver area. I'm not saying that jumping into that job wouldn’t be a great fit for me. But I am saying that I'm happy to only be within a day's driving distance of the Pacific side of the Divide. We don’t need no precipitation.

And so I'll continue on, my Job-like patience toward career ticking slowly on. Grumble, grumble, why can’t a job like that open up within biking distance of my house?

I relay this story only because I can. I've been dreaming of cycling to climbing crags as it warms up. Won’t be striking out for the South Platte anytime soon, but Eldo, Boulder, and anywhere around Golden and Morrison is fair game.

I forgot to mention, I saw and elk along the 93 bike path yesterday near the Kinney Gulch Trail. It was crossing the path ahead of me, stopped on the side and watched me ride past. The thing was huge!

This morning on the other hand, couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. The fog was so thick it reminded me of Stephen King's novella Mist. I expected large bugs to come ripping out of the whiteness and carry me away.

The Cannonball's frame is finished. I'm going to go pick it up today. Now we're just waiting on the FreeRadical kit to come in at Salvagetti.

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