Wednesday, April 13

LBS Love

I can’t say enough good things about Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop in Denver. They're great! They got Mandy and I both on new bikes and they've so been helpful and supportive despite our continual harassment. I promise, they will do everything they can, short of giving stuff away (and sometimes they even do that!) to remove the obstacles that are keeping you from riding your bike.

They love bikes (but not that way)! And they love their customers.

We're blessed in the metro area with a few good bike shops. I can’t really bring myself to commit just to Salvagetti for all my cycling needs. Sometimes I need a part or a tube on the way home from work, or a quick fix in the middle of the day, and Pedal Pushers in Golden always comes through. And Arvada Bike has always been good to us with some quick fixes, good advice and great Christmas present ideas to Mandy for me. We frequent them many times primarily because they are more local than local. While Salvagetti provides all of these good services I want to spread the love around and sometimes I just can’t get down to Denver when I need something. But on a scale of 1 to 10 all three of these shops are 10s. Hands down.

Regardless of where you go, please go. Don't buy all your cycling stuff online. But from your local bike shop. We need the LBS as a crucial component in any healthy cycling community. Advocacy tends to center around the LBS. A lot of cycling knowledge and skill is focused there as well. These guys know their stuff and they can keep your jalopy cranking when YOU can't. Without the knowhow and the (cycing) community center that they provide we'd all lose out. If you buy from your LBS you will be supporting an industry component that keeps cycling vibrant and alive in your community. If you buy online you’re supporting a warehouse worker somewhere that can match up numbers to put an order together.

But regarding Day 12 of 30 Days of Biking:

I thought salmon ran in the fall. I had another cyclist come at me head-on this morning. He swerved into the oncoming lane rather than hit me. Thankfully there was no traffic at that moment. But then again the motorists are behaving strangely as well. I was almost to a stop sign and an older woman in a big boat of a car decided she was going to pass me at the last second. Since I was taking up the lane to prevent just that sort of thing from happening she pulled into the oncoming lane and stopped even with the sign completely blocking the opposite lane. I was yelling "REALLY?!" over my shoulder and she was yelling something but I couldn't hear her through the windshield. Really? And I'm sure when she blogged about the incident I was the one at fault.

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