Friday, April 15

Live, Die and Pay Taxes

There's really more to it than that. Of course we're born and we eventually die. Taxes bring up a whole slew of necessities that add literally tons of weight to the adage. In order to pay taxes you must have income or goods. To have income or good you must work. To work you must eat to have energy. To have food you must either grow, gather or hunt food for that energy.

Human beings typically need to have shelter and also a place where they obtain food and water. Those places could be a cave and a forest in which to hunt and gather. Those places could be a suburban McMansion and an office downtown. And typically human beings will need to leave their place of shelter and travel to the locale where they provide for themselves and their families.

So we live, we die, we sleep, we eat, we work and we travel between the places where we do those things. Taxes only come once a year, those other things are daily requirements of the human condition. Since travel is prerequisite to paying those darned taxes I rode my bike to work this morning. I could have walked, but it would have taken about two and a half hours. That would have changed the adage to "Live, Die and Leave for Work at 5:00am."

I was taxed this morning when the cable end on my front brake got sucked into the disc. It was a wonderfully horrific noise. I had to stop, suck my heart back into my chest, and once I figured out what happened I sorted things out enough to get on to work. I then sat down in my cube and readjusted the whole affair. There is no grinding, but the outer pad is rubbing slightly. I'll make it home and throw it up on the repair stand. I don’t think anything is damaged, just me. My field repairs are not 100% effective apparently.

Will it be a "Ramming Speed Friday?" The first on the newly reformed Cannonball? We'll see. I might be able to crank past a sticky brake pad. I might just be able to do it.

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