Tuesday, April 26

Make All of My Externalities Positive

Some days I hope that I'm dog-tired and spaced out because Tyler Durden is using my body for nefarious purposes at night…to exact my subconscious revenge upon moto-fascists. I'm pretty sure that isn’t what's happening in my life, but it’s a nice fantasy to have to explain my dry-socket eyes and flashes of after image as I try to focus on menial tasks. I am Jack's Deadpan Gaze.

You hear a lot of negativity about motorists from cyclists and I think we need to grant some bandwidth to the motorists that are doing it the right way. Its not fair to lump all motorists in with the moto-fascists that get our blood boiling on a daily basis. I had to correct my son one day when he stated that everyone I work with every day must be horrible, awful people. I had to stop mid-stream and explain to him the harsh reality of life, that you typically only hear about the negative things in people's lives because we, as human beings, tend to ramble on about the frustrating and annoying things and forget to talk about the amazing and wonderful things that happen to us.

There are a lot of motorists that operate their automobiles responsibly and carefully and make the road a good place for other users to travel. I distinguish them from the irresponsible and reckless drivers by referring to the bad ones specifically as "moto-fascists." I don't believe that every automobile pilot is a moto-fascist. I began using that term specifically because I don’t think ALL drivers are bad.

I greatly appreciate those motorists who pass with plenty of room, and not at a high rate of speed. I appreciate those drivers who patiently wait until its safe to pass, not riding my rear wheel, revving their engine and gunning around me before the opposite lane is clear of oncoming traffic. I appreciate those motorists that treat me like another vehicle on the road, those who don’t forge the traffic laws just because they see a cyclist, and those who stay out of the bike lane. I am thankful that many motor vehicle operators understand that there is no requirement that they pass a cyclist, especially when the cyclist can maintain the speed limit. I'm thankful that the majority of people on the road understand that even though they may not agree with traffic laws as they apply to cars and bikes they still observe them as the good citizens they truly are.

I appreciate those who look out for others on the road. It warms my heart to see drivers being courteous to other drivers, pedestrians and certainly cyclists. And I try to be courteous without completely yielding my space on the road. I will take my turn at a stop sign. But I won't run a stop sign and force others to yield to me. When it makes sense I will wave other travelers on before me.

If it weren't for the fact that all of those forgettable neighbors follow the rules and act courteously toward others on the roadways then it would not be worth it to strike out from Point A to Point B on the ribbon of asphalt. It would be far too dangerous.

So to all those who are not homicidal maniacs behind the wheel…I applaud your civility and will proudly share the roads with you!

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