Friday, April 1

March Mileage

So let's run the numbers:

January I rode 363 miles.
February I rode 313.
March? Get ready for this…you're not going to believe it…

977.32 miles. No kidding!

At this rate I'll have 6,000 miles be the end of the year and about 9,000 between now and the end of the Mayan calendar. You should see my calves. Speaking of calves…I got this interesting email this morning. Seems as if Cat Eye wants to sponsor me! I'll get free lights and computers for LIFE!

And the best April Fool's joke of all would be if PCS and Salvagetti were to both call me today and tell me everything is ready!

Seriously, my March mileage was 488.66 which isn't bad at all. My average for the first three months was 388 miles. My 2010 monthly average was 209. We're looking good so far!


I forgot to tell you, Dear Readers, that the guy who had listed the second Ute on craigslist finally got back to Mandy. It was still available. I hate craigslist.

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