Monday, April 11

Moto-fascist Interlude and a Blue Commute

"Get on the sidewalk!"

Haven’t heard that one in awhile. He turned off too quick for me to reply: "But I'm not a car!"

Other than that I had a quiet commute to work this morning. The Cannonball still rides the elevator at work well. It sticks out of my cube just a few inches, hardly more than the Kona Lisa. I hauled my lunch supplies for the week, including a container of iced tea, and despite a jumpy rear- and a temporarily immobile front derailer I made it in 55 minutes, which is normal. All in all a good ride.

Of course I didn’t want to stop at work. I wanted to push on west, up Mount Vernon Canyon and to the summit of Genesee, or to roam the foothills around Evergreen or maybe even on to Mount Evans Road as high as I could get. But alas! Here I sit in my cube, kept company by a really cool blue bike.

1 comment:

  1. If Mt. Evans road is open you would go to the top.
    Lots of snow yet, I would guess.
    Good job on the X. Get it tuned and ride.
    Front derailers can be tough, found height has a lot to do with accurate shift.