Friday, April 15


I keep wondering how long it will take for the novelty to wear off. We committed to becoming a one car family way back in December of 2009 and it took awhile for the novelty of that aspect of cycling to start to wear off. So now we have a "fleet" of cargo bikes. Last night the whole family rode down to the grocery store for dinner supplies. Usually I hate going to the grocery store, especially all four of us, but last night I was excited. It was fun to go four of us on two bikes. The kids had fun and so did Mandy and I.

We rode down a kid on each bike and returned with both on my bike while Mandy hauled our stuff. At one point we were riding side by side on the sleepy residential street and it was almost as if we were riding in a car. Same number of wheels, parents in front, kids in back.

I'd say the novelty will linger for awhile. But living the car-lite lifestyle is becoming easier and more enjoyable. We're actually more apt, for the time being, to get out and go run errands on the bikes. I find myself less reluctant to leave home than when I had to get in the car anytime I wanted or needed to go somewhere. And we're still fumbling about in Spring! Once the warmer weather settles in for Summer I'm sure the car will sit idle for longer stretches of time.

The obstacles are falling away.

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