Sunday, April 24

Number Chaser

Last month I had the most miles in a month ever at 488. Today I am at 407 for the month of April and I have six days until the end of the month.

If I only do my normal commute all week I will hit 500 miles on my commute home on Friday. It will be a very special "Ramming Speed Friday" indeed!

I should still have pretty high miles in May, but June might fall off. We're going to be in Kentucky one week in June and I'm taking off a few Fridays so Mandy and I can do some long weekend stuff. The kids are going to be visiting family in the east for the month so we'll be able to get out and bike, climb, hike and frolic child-free for a few weeks. So I won't have my daily commute to boost my mileage, but I might make up for it with recreational rides.

July is going to be interesting. Mandy is heading out to get the kids at the end of June and the three of them are going to New York to visit family so I will be solo for a couple of weeks. I'm already fantasizing about a weekend bikepacking adventure. I just can't decide if I'll head north to Pawnee Nat'l Grassland (Pawnee Buttes and Panorama Point in Nebraska) or south down to Colorado Springs via the New Santa Fe Trail to return over Rampart Range or west into the foothills and beyond. Decisions, decisions!

I guess it will depend on what Mandy and I manage to pull off in June. We might be able to do all three and I'll be looking for some other adventure in July.

Remember, I'm shooting for 5,000 miles in 2011. Anything and everything moves me on toward that goal.

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