Wednesday, April 6

Smells Like (Rain) Spring

The majority of Day 6 of 30 Days of Biking will be spent sitting in a cubicle with my back to a fine specimen of a bicycle. At least I rode it here to my beige walled cell.

Ack! I really need to move into transportation planning or cycling advocacy. I'm not saying that where I'm at isn’t working, but its not where my true interests lie. I had a good discussion with a co-worker about transportation related issues this morning and it pained me that it was non-job related chitchat and not the meat of my day.

I'm working on a post that will be entitled "An Open Letter to Motorists." And I will include myself as one of the motorists to which the letter will be addressed. It was funny, my wife had commented that she was going to write an open letter to motorists while I was turning the idea over in my mind and before I had mentioned to her that I was crafting something along those lines. More evidence that we share a brain.

As I pedaled west toward my cubicle hell this morning I enjoyed the semblance of a fine spring morning that enveloped me. It has been just this week that I've noticed two things: 1) my commutes are completely lighted. Technically sunrise came about 22 minutes after I left the house, but it was light enough as I rolled cUte Kona Lisa out onto the street that I didn’t need my light and I could wear my sunglasses. 2) I realized that very soon I am going to have to start showering at work due to my body's ability to produce perspiration. Yesterday and today I was more than warm when I reached work. The days of showering and dressing at home are quickly running out.

A little while ago I wandered out into the hall here and saw low hanging clouds over Golden and had to stare hard outside to make sure it wasn't raining. I sort of miss drizzly, dreary days. Don’t get me wrong, in the temperate rainforest I call Home the rain can be somewhat frustrating, much like the wind here along the Front Range can get to be tiring. But I'd be okay with two or three more days of rain a month.

Now, just because I said that doesn’t mean I want to get rained on during my evening commute. There is a forecast for rain later today. I may have jinxed myself.

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