Thursday, April 7

Something for the Cyclists Who Read This Blog

I like to have a destination or a goal when I ride. A goal could be: "ride all of Creekside Trail" or riding a certain loop. But I need something. I'm a life-lister. I keep lists of things that I do. Two years ago I rode from Parker out in the plains to Kiowa. While there wasn't much to destine to in Kiowa, it was a point on a map and a logical point to turn around and head back. It was a good ride. I put "Kiowa" on my list of towns I've visited.

Living in a huge metro area actually makes it difficult to pick a point and ride out to. I'd like to be able to say some Saturday "Let's ride to Littleton," but that's not the same as saying "I'm going to ride out to Kiowa." Littleton is a huge conglomerate of suburban sprawl in South Jeffco. While there is a small downtown section, just east across the county line, its not the same as shooting for a town defined distinctly where the sidewalk ends and the sign says "Thanks for Visiting Come Again!" with the horizon as a backdrop.

Lately I've been scheming though. Before the heat of summer kicks in I definitely want to do a day trip to Boulder. Finding other meaningful destinations (at least ones we don’t visit frequently) may be difficult.

There is a part of me that would love to live close enough to the eastern fringe of the city to be able to turn toward the rising sun and pedal all day long into the emptiness of the prairie.

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  1. I would love to ride into the emptiness of the prairie. West Kansas, Hayes would be a nice area to ride.