Monday, April 4

Streamlining Before Its Too Late

Okay, I really hate to do this, but its been bugging me for awhile, and I'm afraid if I put it off too much longer I will get to a point where it will become impossible to transfer from the old to the new and improved

Way back when, when this blog was called "Jersey Guys" I really didn't have a vision, a directive and a plan for world domination. Hopefully you have followed me here seamlessly, and hopefully you've updated your bookmarks, links from other pages and all that jazz. I've updated twitter and facebook to point to THIS blog and I've also added the link on the old blog to hopefully pull in anyone who visits it in the future.

Please forgive any hitch in your giddyap. I tried to perfectly recreate the ambiance of the old blog before making the big switch. I left out a few things, but I may add them back in later. I left everything intact back in the old place, so if you miss something here (The Cyclepedia for example) you can always head back over there.

Thanks for your patience!

Crank on!

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