Sunday, April 3

The Great Longtail Revolution: No More Obstacles

The obstacles are real, but so are the tactics for overcoming them. And the feelings of accomplishment you'll have once you've surmounted a rainy or snowy commute, or when you've hauled a week's groceries home on your bike are hard to replicate sitting behind the wheel of a car.

A run-of-the-mill bike with a carrier rack and panniers can empower you to transport your work clothes or moderate sized loads. So once you become schooled on overcoming the commonplace hurdles of the car lite or car free lifestyle you will be ready to tackle bigger challenges. You'll seek to solve more of your transportation problems with the bike.

And that's when you'll have found yourself immersed in the Great Longtail Revolution. Call it a hitchless trailer, a longtail, a cargo bike, an SUB (Sport Utility Bike), a utility cycle or whatever, but realize that the evolution of the bicycle as a vehicle lies down the path of extended or modified frames that allow you to portage greater loads and passengers with increased stability and efficiency.

Stop feeling the despair of rising gas prices. Be free from the confines of traffic and stop circling the parking lot looking for a space.

Why do you need a car? For your commute? To transport your family and stuff? There is another option. There is an option that frees you from oil dependency, traffic, and the cost of owning and operating a car.

Join the longtail revolution. Don't replace that second (or first!) car with another four-wheeled monstrosity. Get a longtail bike! If you have a bike, make the easy transition by upgrading it with an Xtracycle FreeRadical kit.

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