Monday, April 25

The Push for 500

I'm on my way to my biggest mileage month ever. Friday afternoon, barring some unforeseen illness or car-jacking (being forced to ride in a car), I will hit 500 miles for the month of April. If I could knock out a century on Saturday I could really punch a hole in the sky with 600!

The spring weather is a nice change. This is the first spring since I've been in Colorado that feels like an Eastern spring. Its been overcast and rainy! Seeing the cherry blossoms makes me miss the…ack! Forgot the name of the pink flowering trees in Kentucky! I can remember dogwoods. What are the pink ones?

Anyway, I think I may try to adhere to a posting schedule in May. Just as an experiment. I can’t decide on the frequency though. Once a day M-F? Twice a week? Fourteen times a day? I'm kicking around the idea of twice a week, but that doesn't seem like enough. But I feel like if I limit the number of times I post and stick to a schedule I'll be more apt to produce quality entries and you, Dear Reader, will benefit. Plus, I need to stay off the computer. I spend far too much of my life with my eyes glued to the screen.

I'll take any reasonable suggestions. What I think I may do is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule with twitter updates in between. I can always bank my creative expulsions on the "off days."

Another May update: I may start hauling Bean to the babysitter in Golden in the mornings as I will be going in to work later. Got to get the BeanSeat lined out!

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