Sunday, April 3

The Things I Did Not Haul

Yesterday morning we rode our bikes to Olde Town and had breakfast at Ophelia's. With bellies full of eggs and pancakes we got back on the bikes and rode past the east end of Water Tower Flats along Allison down to the Interurban Trail. We followed it to Echter's Nursery & Garden Supplies. Afte browsing for awhile we left with a new garden hose, nozzle and a nifty kneeling pad which we're utilizing as a padded seat for the kiddos on the Ute deck. Those are the things we did haul with the Ute yesterday.

We've been talking about putting in a clothesline, so Bean and I rode down to ACE Hardware looking for the supplies we'd need to erect a passive solar clothes dryer. ACE only had the cheap-o flimsy umbrella type clothes lines. They don't even have lumber I could have bought to fashion posts for a clothesline.

But even though we didn't get what we needed, we at least made the attempt on the Ute. Later Boone, Lily and I drove in the Suburbaru over to Home Depot (after making a bona fide effort) and bought 4X4s, two bags of concrete and clothesline.

April is 30 Days of Biking. I rode on the 1st and the 2nd. Yesterday it was 82ºF. Right now, as I write this, I look outside and see huge flakes of snow falling onto the ground outside my kitchen window.

I don't have anywhere I need to go this afternoon, so I have opted not to ride, even though it means I have already failed only 2 days into the 30. Oh well...

Within the next couple of days the Cannonball frame should be finished and my stuff should be in at Salvagetti. By the weekend I should be astride the Cannonball X!


At 8pm we had a grocery need. I swung a leg over the Ute, fired up the Laser and plowed through the wet snowflakes down to King Soopers. 30 Days of Biking BACK ON!

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