Tuesday, April 12

Tuesday's Gone CRAZY!

It was only 40 degrees, but I saw a few cyclists this morning. I guess they're being lured out by the promise of afternoon highs above 50 degrees. These are the fair weather cyclists. And that's okay, better to ride only when the weather is optimal than not at all.

But with greater numbers comes a greater proportion of crazies. I was almost into Golden when I met the first…almost literally. A guy was salmoning east on 10th Ave along Coors. He was standing up, pumping on the pedals of his department store mountain bike, swaying in an arc that spanned the entire bike lane. I stared like a deer in the headlights as I continued cranking west. I had to take the gutterpan to avoid being hit head-on and even then he almost clipped me as he swayed across the lane.

Only a couple of minutes later back on the CCT I met a tandem piloted by a middle-aged gentleman with a pre-teen girl stoking splitting the path down the middle. And of course they were leaning hard into the turn and directly in my path. I think the top of the guy's helmet almost clipped my shoulder.

I made it safe and sound without being pummeled by cyclo-fascists. Now the long wait until my evening commute…

Until then I will dream of longtail touring, of converting an armada of bikes into longtails, of striking off across the prairie, of climbing over passes and to the summits of alpine peaks on the Cannonball.

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