Tuesday, April 19

Tuesday's On: Bring the Rain!

I hope the rain comes this afternoon. I hope it pounds the Front Range with such intensity that only the transplant Easterners don't quake at the force of it. I want to see rain coming sideways, straight down, splashing up from the ground, swirling around defying gravity. I wanna see what Noah saw before the boat began to rise.

I say all of this because I'm ready for it, and because I'm lazy. And maybe a bit boneheaded. My commute was uneventful this morning except for my own stupidity. I was almost out of Denver West, heading into the last leg of my commute. I was running a little behind, but I'd probably have made it on time. But I didn't. Nope. I dropped off Denver West Parkway just before Federal Ninjas sprang out from behind the NREL sign to kill me, narrowly escaping certain death and plowed down onto the dirt path connecting Denver West and Isabell Street. Well, MUD path today. Before I could dump my velocity concrete-like mud was sucked up between my tires and fenders. My rear fender buckled and threatened to break as I hopped off the bike and tried to roll it forward. I ended up having to back the bike all the way to Isabell proper where I commenced to remove the FlightDeck and V-rack so I could get at the packed rear fender with my pliers. After twenty minutes of work I managed to get the worst of the offending sludge out of both fenders and proceeded on to work.

I'm hoping for a cleansing rain this afternoon so I don’t have to strip off the fenders and break out the hose. Plus our apple trees need it.

As I was finishing up the Easter Bunny ambled over, chewing on some grass, and smirked knowingly. Smug…

So today the Cannonball is locked up to the bike rack out front in the parking garage like a bad puppy, when it was my stupidity that would have soiled the rug.

I attended the first meeting of the Front Range Bicycle Advocacy Coalition at the BikeDenver office downtown last night as a representative (haha) of Bike Arvada. I arrived at 1536 Wynkoop about an hour early. I had ridden straight from work in Golden instead of going home. If I had detoured to my domicile I would have had to have turned around immediately and headed for Denver. It was good. I got to take my time going the short distance from the South Platte over to Wynkoop. BikeDenver's offices are in the Alliance Center which is a cool building. For eco-friendly non-profits the rent is low and the building itself is very green.

I always love going downtown. I historically have considered myself more aligned with natural environments, but something about a bustling city, vibrant with life and texture appeals to me on a deep level. Maybe its the photographer in me. Of course I didn't have my good camera with me last night...

Great public space!

The meeting was a gathering of representatives from bicycle advocacy groups from Fort Collins to Pueblo. I saw a couple of faces I recognized from other events and happenings and got to meet a few more fellow cycling advocates. The meeting inspired some new ideas and direction for Bike Arvada. This summer is going to be good and hopefully we'll grow beyond just my family of four.

But the coalition itself is a great idea conceived by Piep and Maggie of BikeDenver. Through the FRBAC we'll have a greater voice, the ability to activate on connectivity and other relevant issues and in general have better communication between the advocacy groups along the Front Range. We're all in it together.

I'm going to stop writing now to do a rain dance.

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