Thursday, April 21

Wishes Really Do Come True

I was prepared, and that's the most important thing. I got the rain I had "hoped" for. Bike's all sparkly clean, spring fresh and all…

Actually, it was an enjoyable ride despite a few discomforts. I was almost into Golden on 10th Ave when little ice pellets began hitting my sleeves. I looked up and saw the rain, heard it hitting the pavement, and I realized I was going to get wet. I pedaled harder, hoping to make the bridge under Ford Street on the CCT. I went on to the Washington Street bridge because it’s a little more open and there's more room. Of course by the time I reached the bridge my pants were somewhere between damp and wet. I pulled over and slipped on my rain pants, put on my jacket and hood and covered all of my stuff with a plastic bag.

A good day to be a fish

Hardened against the rain I pedaled on up through the historic neighborhood and then onto the Mines campus. By the time I was on the south side and climbing up to work the rain had subsided. I could look back into the valley between the foothills and the mesas and see low hanging clouds blanketing Golden.

I made the last minute decision to wear sneakers and not my GoreTex hikers. But I still had my wool socks so my feet stayed warm. My fleece gloves were soaked rather quickly and my fingers got a little cold, but not so much as to cause problems.

Other than being a little damp before I got my rain suit on and my cube looking like a homeless person's cardboard box after a rainstorm it was a good ride in.

Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery | No Such Thing As Bad Weather

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