Sunday, May 1

April Longtails Bring May Commutes

Day 31 of 30 Days of Biking and the beginning of a new month. Let's do the quick mileage tally:

January - 363

February - 313

March - 488

April - 528

2011 so far = 1,692 miles

We're well on track for 5,000 miles in 2011. And May is looking up! Mandy is planning on taking Boone's bike to school every day in May and then riding up in the afternoon on the Ute to pick him up. He did awesome on Friday and if he gets some good practice over the month of May he'll be a commuting pro just about the time school is out for the year. But that's good, May will be setting them up for next fall when they go back to school.

I'll be carting Bean to Lind-topia (She's been assimilated) every day in May. I'm going to fix up the old trailer again in case of inclement weather, but I've got the seat all lined out and we're ready to head out in the morning.

It seems April longtails bring May commutes.

April brought daylight to my morning commutes. I noted the sunrise passing my departure time but failed to blog about it. Mid-month I was pleased to head out and return home in full daylight. That's a important seasonal milestone to full-time bike commuters. So no dark commutes for a few months and that's nice to know...


Bean and I ran to the store and tried out the new seat/stoker combo. It's gonna work out real nice:

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