Monday, May 2

Commuting With Bean

I had a great ride in this morning. I was serenaded the entire way by the sweetest voice...that of my daughter.

It was cool, but not as cool as had been forecasted. In fact, the sun was shining bright by the time we struck out for Golden and Lind-topia.

A note on Lind-topia: with all due respect, we started calling Lily's time at the babysitter's "Lind-topia." Linda watches her through the day and Lily is prone to telling us how great things are at Miss Linda's house. "At Miss Linda's we always put our toys away before getting more toys out." "At Miss Linda's we always put our shoes by the door when we take them off." "At Miss Linda's..."

Well, you get the picture. Of course all the good behaviors Lily willingly participates in at Miss Linda's die long before Lily returns home.

So I started referring to Linda's house as "Lind-topia." Lily calls it that herself now. I feel bad, but Linda and her husband seem to think its pretty funny.

Anyway, off we cruised toward Lind-topia on the Cannonball X. We had Lily's pink garden rake and shovel, her booster seat, lunch for both of us, my work clothes and the Bean herself.

Other than a truck passing close enough to us on Garrison that I could have reached over and opened the passenger side door it was relatively uneventful.

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