Wednesday, May 11

Gigantic Dreams

Last night I accidentally discovered that I can ride Mandy's Giant road bike. Yeah, we finally took the training wheels off. Seriously, she suggested I might ride it to work today pulling the bike trailer if the weather were to be splashy ('twas, and mixed with snow).

So I went out to try out the bike and see if I could raise the seat high enough. Turns out the bike isn't as small as I have always thought. I kinda scared myself as the Giant screamed down the street whilst I hung on for dear life. Wow! I miss riding like that. It's been almost a year since I slaughtered my Giant.

I decided not portage Bean this morning so she caught a ride to Golden. I rode the Cannonball…stoic against the post-season winter onslaught. The only hitch in my giddy-yap occurred when I reached work and went into the locker room (after months of showering at home) and discovered I couldn't find the key to my lock. Thankfully I have some spare deodorant in my cube and I had brought a fresh towel with me today.

It was an oddly pleasant ride, though lonely, as I rolled through the drizzly snow, with a backdrop of spring green. I always love riding through town in Golden, and I had detoured through town in lieu of plodding through Mines so I could stop at the grocery and pick up some half-n-half for coffee at work.

I watched Stage 1 of the Giro d'Italia and was immediately unimpressed. My least favorite aspect of professional cycling is the team time trial. Its sad to hear about the Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt's death after a crash during Stage 3. I can't imagine where the riders have to look to find the motivation to ride today.

However, as a result of the TV coverage of the Giro I'm hoping to get out this summer and photograph and write about some local cycling events. The Pillar to Post race on Lookout Mountain is going to be rescheduled and I hope to be able to attend. The Tour de Cure down in the South Platte is this coming weekend, and then we also have the Triple Bypass in July and the Quiznos Pro Challenge in August. I think the Quiznos race will be an incredible opportunity to see some amazing cycling.

I'm feeling stronger and that's inspiring me to ride harder. Lookout Mountain was calling to me yesterday as I left work. Soon. Afterward...Evans.

An empty seat on the Cannonball fills with slush

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