Wednesday, May 25

Not Exactly a Continental TravelCONTACT Tire Review

I dug a massive hunk of quartz out of my rear tire this morning. And in the process I was startled to see that my tire was a Swiss cheese surface of many quartz induced gashes. I probably dug out a dozen shards smaller than the one that had lacerated the Goo Tube on one end while poking into the daylight on the other. In addition to the shard filled gashes there were literally hundreds of similar slits and holes all over the tire.

I'm going to ride them out a little longer, at least until I can afford a good set of replacements. I could switch out to the old MTB tires, but I want slicks for my upcoming touring.

Okay, I'm going to stop right there and acknowledge how my last statement sounds. When you’re not swimming in money you make do.

Since I've had the tires, the Continental TravelCONTACTs, I have ridden a total of 3,290 miles. I know some of those miles were on the OBS, but the vast majority of those miles have been on the Cannonball and these tires. I'd estimate at least 2,500 miles on them and a lot of that has been hard (read: Ramming Speed Friday-esque) riding. I ply the pavements along the edges where glass, detritus and crud falls. I shortcut on dirt paths, over rocks and chunks of stuff. I jump curbs and drop off bumps. 2,500 miles on one of my bikes is considerable wear for tires.

I bought CST Compressors my Giant for the Triple Bypass and only got 600 miles out of them before they were completely trashed. I bought some Michelin Krylion carbon tires to replace the CSTs and within a couple of weeks had a nasty gash in one of them. I'm satisfied with two and a half k out of a set of tires. Unfortunately their slow demise is nicely coinciding with our (quickly) upcoming Eastern roadtrip. Cash is not exactly flowing over the Pavement's Edge. So I'll rotate back to an older set with fewer miles and less gaping holes. I'll for sure go with another set of Continentals when it comes to the exchange of cash at my LBS.

In other news…the impending potential hiatus is fast upon us. After tomorrow I may not blog much for a week or so. I'm not officially declaring hiatus, but its possible. Don't want you to think a there has been a delayed rapture effect if you don't hear from me before June 6th or so.

And then again I may have gigahertz of blogging to beat you over the head with. I hear that we may have loaner bikes and I may get into some hot and humid adventures in short but steep country east of the Mississippi. You just never know. I'm taking my Halt! just in case.

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