Friday, May 6

Ramming Speed Friday: It's All Training Edition


Its hard being a cyclist without standing up on the pedals at some point and attacking a real or imaginary adversary. As silly as it is, there are times you just have to drop that other commuter because you think you can. Gravity drags us down into speedy descents and we apply our own inner power to the pedals to maximize the opportunity. We climb hills in our granny gear so we can rocket down the other side with our cheeks flapping in the wind. There's just something about being on a bike that, at times, encourages movement at a faster pace.

James Osborne, blogger at One Less Car: Denver, has suggested a cargo bike race this summer. Of late I have been turning over the idea of somehow getting cargo bike owners in the Metro area, or along the Front Range in general, together. While I typically don't get all fired up for races, even though I am a closet alley cat, I love the idea!

So there are questions.

A) If its a cargo bike race, what type of cargo should be involved?

2) How far do we race?

Tres) Where, exactly, do we race?

Next) How do we round up as many cargo bike owners in the area for the festivities?

E) What do we call the thing?

Think on these things. Please comment. I know I will ponder, plan and scheme.

Ramming Speed Fridays are going to turn into cargo bike race training. It can't hurt, and ultimately it will build me up for Leadville in 2012.

As the weather improves the urge to ride grows. I want to take some longer rides. I want to climb Lookout Mountain Road, Genesee Mountain or maybe even Mount Evans. On my way to Leadville next year I will ascend Guanella Pass, Berthoud Pass, Kingston Peak, Squaw Mountain and others. I want to get back on the OBS and grind up some singletrack.

Mount Evans shone in the early morning sun over a dim landscape this morning. It called to me, shimmering white snow rising into the sky where the air is devoid of oxygen and the horizon slips away in all directions in a curve.

I think I may have conned...vinced Mandy to ride up Genesee and Lookout Mountains with me in June. We'll be kid-free and I won't have to be to work until 9am, so we can take some long rides around the metro area and some short climbs into the foothills before work. The weekends we'll rack up the miles and miles and miles. We'll finally get some good touring under our belts. And our belts will become slack and we'll have to buy new skinny jeans for Fall.

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