Friday, May 20

Ramming Speed Friday: Speeding Toward Rapture

Appy-ollie-oggies for the late post. But here is your Ramming Speed Friday:

Four more days of work and then a brief interlude from slaving for the man. I don't know if I'll ride much while we're out of town. I'll be relying on the kindness of others and borrowing a bike if I do. We're not going to subject the longtails to the indignity of traveling 2,400 miles round trip hitched up to the car for a few piddly miles of riding in Eastern Kentucky. I would like to haul the OBS out and pound some singletrack. Maybe next trip...maybe at the last minute I'll decide to sling the OBS on the back anyway. Who knows?

Ramming Speed Fridays will most likely be suspended until the middle of July. I'm taking a bunch of Fridays off to create a series of three day weekends while the kids are out of town. Mandy and I will be really busy doing fun kidless stuff. I hope to do at least a couple of bike tours, some rock climbing, hiking and frolicking above treeline. Then in July I'll be solo for a couple of weeks as Mandy and the kids travel to New York to visit family.

Fourth of July I will summit Mount Evans on the Cannonball X from my front door. If it takes all day. If it takes every scrap of energy I have...I will do it. So I'm going to have to work hard in June to get my mileage up, to get comfortable again with long hauls in the saddle, to climbing and grueling upward into the sky. I haven't decided if I'll do it as an overnight trip or as a single day century push. We'll see on July 3.

Then the weekend after the Fourth I think I'm going to strike out for an overnight solo tour from home to Guanella Pass. I might even snag Bierstadt and/or Square Top in the process.

So you see, Dear Reader, my Fridays from now until deep into summer will include bike rides, just not fast ones. They will probably be slow and steady as we crawl across the landscape laden with camping gear.

Its that time of year, and things are getting crazy at work, so I'll have less leisurely time to ramble on forever about cycling tedium. Though I suspect I will have much tripping to report about as we're planning on squeezing in as much fun-tastic stuff as we can throughout the month of June.

If the post come more sparsely know it is because I'm riding my bike more.

And since the Rapture is coming after lunch today I'm looking forward to better riding conditions on the roads around the metro area. I'm hoping all the moto-fascists are taken up and I get "Left Behind."

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