Thursday, May 26

Ramming Speed Last Day Before Vacation

Yeah, you heard it. I don't have to be back at work until June 6.

Today had a weird ambiance. As I was riding away from work I actually looked back, as if it would be my last time seeing the place. Adding to my weird morbid finality is the fact that one of my coworkers will be leaving while I'm away. I bade her farewell before leaving and there just seemed to be more finality to the sentiment than the situation demanded.

Its probably nothing, but in case the Post Carbon Apocalypse kicks off while I'm away from the keyboard...sayonara.

In the spirit of finality, here are some thoughts I want to leave you with until we blog again:

Ride with purpose.

The choice to ride a bike is an amazing freedom we possess. Choose the bike for transportation, for utility and for fun. Use the strength in your body. Use the advantages of two wheels.

Ride with strength.

Find your strength. You may not be a sprinter. You may not wear the maillot à pois rouges. But find your niche. You may shine on cruiser rides around town. You may be able to ply the prairie all day on a loaded tour. You may haul groceries like its your job. There is a bike ride for everyone.

Ride with confidence.

Know your limitations, but don't be afraid to push the envelope. Know your rights and responsibilities on the road and then be bold.

Know your bike.

Take the time to learn the parts of your bike. At the very least you can converse with intelligence at your LBS. Learn simple maintenance, especially changing and patching tubes. You'll feel empowered and you'll increase your self-sufficiency.

Command your space.

Instead of "taking the lane" learn to command the space around you on the road. Make cars go where you want them to go, not the other way around. You have more to lose in bike vs. car. So make sure you are calling the shots, but with care and kindness, not recklessness and hostility.

And finally...

Ride your bike!

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