Saturday, May 14

Watering My Schemes

On Wednesday and Thursday we got a good soaking. Arvada got 1.8 inches in 48 hours. It has been good for our apple trees, garden and our yard.

I rode on Wednesday Bean-less into the fray. I was pummeled by pellets of ice as I entered Golden on my morning ride, and had a cold wet ride home after I dressed down believing the weather had eased in the afternoon.

I actually enjoyed my rainy commutes. Rain is so rare here in the arid high plains that its become quite the novelty for me.

Thursday I woke feeling unable to go to work. I called (texted) in and hung with Bean at home. The sound of the rain on our roof was soothing to my work-battered brain.

Friday was a repeat of the day before but the weather was much improved. In the afternoon I mustered the muster to sling the fleet of bikes up on the stand one at a time and do some routine maintenance. The Ute and the X both needed some brake work and on a test ride I finally figured out the trick for getting my chain onto the smallest chainring. This is significant because I can now start planning some climbs with confidence. Short list time.

I briefly entertained the idea of sliding up to Lookout Mountain this morning but then I remembered that Road & Bridge is in the midst of a hard core repaving project up there. As soon as they're done I'll head back up there for the first time in about a year.

Anyway, back to that short list. In June Mandy and I will be free to do some kid-less traveling around the state. I'd love to make a jaunt up to South Dakota to do the Mickelson Trail, but I just don't think we'll be able to afford the expense. But we will be able to do some bike touring right out of our front door. I've scheduled some days off in June to give us a few three day weekends so I'm shooting for mileages that work for two or three days.

Building on our experiences in June I think we can plan some shorter trips with the kids in the late summer and early fall. The conundrum is the lack of economic (read: free) camping options within an easy day's ride from our house.

If we can get a little experience with the kids then maybe we can plan something more significant next summer. You see where I'm going with this?

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