Saturday, May 7

Weekend Adventures: Apex Bike Rodeo

This morning we helped the Glens move from Lakewood to Arvada. They'll be much happier here and we'll all eat better.

After we got the piano into the new place(I'm not kidding) we took a break and shuffled the kids up to the Apex Park and Rec District's 2011 Bike Rodeo. It was from 10am to noon and we got there around eleven o'clock. We hardly got through all the stations before they started breaking everything down, but we had a blast and got some cool stuff.

First we registered and then the kids all got fitted for new (free) helmets.

We moved over to the safety inspection station and I was happy to see the guy pass both of my kids' bikes without having to do anything to them. He also commented on my Campy bike cap. Its identical to the one Dave wears in Breaking Away.

They did a turtle race, obstacles courses and got to decorate their bikes. We moved toward the end and the kids got brains splattered on their feet during the helmet demonstration.

Lastly we got a free hot dog and a drink and we all sat in the shade and talked about how much fun it had been.

The day was warm, and sunny, and a perfectly blistering environment for seasonally pale skin.

Apex and the sponsors put on a great event and it seemed like there was a great turnout. Next year we'll be more involved as Bike Arvada but also for the kids.

Tonight the kids and I rode our bikes over to the the Glens' parents/grandparents' house for dinner. Mandy was doubled booked, as usual of late, so it was just me and the kids. Boone was poking so slow on the way over I threatened to turn around and go home. I mean, the kid was just coasting on Garrison. I told him it would take us a week at the pace we were going. He said he didn't want his legs to ache. I said there was no danger of that.

We did turn around, but he promised I'd not be able to keep up with him if we went on so we turned back toward our destination and he mostly kept his promise.

We rode home along Clear and Ralston Creeks as the sun was setting. The swarms of mosquitoes made riding difficult, so we exited for the back streets through Olde Town and back along Ridge Road home.

It was a nice night for a ride for sure.

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