Saturday, June 11

2011 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival

Oh, there was longtail love! Oh, there was Salvagetti love! Oh, there was bicycle love at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Festival at Invesco Field today!

By the time we arrived early on Kona Lisa and the Cannonball X at Invesco we had already purchased a picnic table. I'd like to say we lashed it to the back of the Cannonball and headed on to the festival, but we didn't. It's an 8' metal frame with wood decking picnic table that we scored for $10 at a yardsale in Wheat Ridge. We paid the ten and told them we'd be back in the afternoon to pick it up. We had no plan, but we wanted a table and we couldn't pass it up for the price.

We entrusted our longtails to the parking attendants and wandered into the early morning festival site. Few people had arrived, other than vendors and organizations as they set up their booths.

We found the ACT booth and deposited our stuff. Some wandering, some oogling, some chatting and some swag followed. There were lots of samples of energy boosting concotions. There were drawings for free stuff. There were swagloads of stickers, flyers, business cards and sales pitches.

I drooled over a custom Mosaic (out of Boulder) commuter bike with a belt drive. I told the guy to break my heart and tell me how much it would cost. You don't want to know.

Cargo bikes abounded. There was a fleet of Yubas. There was an Atlas. When we went to pick up our bikes we saw an older Ute.

Noon came and went and we had met a lot of people and saw a lot of cool bikes. I visited the Angletech booth again (first time was at the Front Range Cyclist show) and rode another recumbent trike. But this time I wasn't in a crowded event center, I pedaled out behind the booth area and opened the Greenspeed trike up. Wow! It corners like its on rails, accelerates and brakes perfectly and is just a dream on wheels.

I had worn my Salvagetti t-shirt that has Boone's drawing on it and most people assumed I worked for them. I had to respond: Alas! No, we're just big fans, and by the way, my son drew the shirt. But many, many people commented and knew the shop and thought highly of Salvagetti. If I ever own a bike shop I hope people love mine as much as they do Salvagetti.

We rolled our longtails back over to the ACT booth to pick up our swag and as we walked out the Yuba rep stopped us and he chatted us up about our bikes. We gave the truncated history of our longtail conversion and our involvement in ACT and Bike Arvada and he suddenly whipped out a business card and offered us an interesting deal, the details of which we are not at liberty to share. We're still amazed at that and we may try to work it out so we can add a third cargo bike to the family fleet.

Anyway, we decided to head on home and we hauled our swag back through Edgewater, Wheat Ridge and Arvada. After returning home we called a friend with a truck and offered a free dinner in exchange for portaging the picnic table home for us. Long story short (TOO LATE!) we got the picnic table home, the friend took a rain check on dinner and Boone's old 20" BMX for his girlfriend's 9 year old son.

It has been a good day and a good weekend so far. Tomorrow moring we're going to help setup the ACT aid station for the Denver Century Ride in Golden before church and then get into some more cycling trouble as the day progresses. I hope to have some good photos from the Denver Century tomorrow.

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  1. Wow! Only in Colorado. Hope you picked me up some swag to go with that I do not have yet.