Sunday, June 5

A Return

We rolled in to our bikeport (temporarily used for the Suburbaru, Forester Gump) about 1:00 am last night. Another straight-thru cross country drive. We're getting pretty good at them. Of course this time it was just me and Mandy. The kids stayed in Kentucky. At the end of June she'll hop on the Zephyr and go back to pick them up for a trip to New York and then to bring them home.

As a part of the greening of my thumb I brought back three transplants from my Papaw Chaney's blackberry patch. I'm hoping to get them going here in Colorado. We'll see. Updates to follow.

The yard needs mowing. The bills need paying. The fridge is empty and we've eaten out too much in the past week. Its time to settle back into life here and try to make the most of a month without children in tow.

I had originally planned on much cycling, but I think we want to do a lot of other stuff too. We want to do some peak bagging, hiking, climbing, farmers' marketing, festival attending and the like.

Last night as we stumbled into the dark house I saw the silhouette of the Cannonball against the living room wall and immediately I began considering a ride today. I've got a little work to do on it. Routine stuff, but we'd been riding it hard for a couple of weeks with no attention. Need to give it a good going over. Need to get a 203mm rotor for the back brake. Need to switch out the torn saddle for the original I found in a box in the house in Kentucky. Need to clean and adjust everything for the days ahead.

I felt strong riding last week. I felt good. I'm confident that acclimatization will come quickly and then we'll be off, longtail captains once again.

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