Wednesday, June 22

Bike to Work Day Shenanigans

Mandy and I helped out at the breakfast station at Memorial Park in Arvada. The City supplied all the stuff and we manned a satellite table right on the Ralston Creek Trail to pull in more riders. Seems in years past many missed the station because it was hidden at the pavilion behind some trees.

We got to meet some great folks from the City and a lot of nice folks riding to work. We also talked up Bike Arvada and I think we may have made some good progress and met some future members.

The two longest commutes: One guy lives in Arvada and works in Aurora. 20 miles one way. He rides every day. The other guy lives in Aurora and works in Arvada. 23 miles one way. He rides once a week. The first guy works in a bike shop. The second guy rides a department store mountain bike. Both impressed me with their commitment and mileage.

I saw a Surly Big Dummy blast past our table on the RCT. There were tons of cyclists of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities.

The day was a success. I made it to work and I was on my bike.

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