Thursday, June 9

Carless Summer

Since we pulled Forester Gump into the bikeport at 1am this past Saturday, returning from our trip to Kentucky, we have not moved the car again. So far its been four full days since either of us drove.

This weekend is up in the air. Saturday and Sunday two bike events are going on, but we had talked about hiking. In my mind hiking translates to driving into the mountains, though eventually I'd like to make most of those trips by bike as well. I need to do a scouting trip to Idaho Springs one day to ascertain the feasibility of that idea.

There is a bike festival at Invesco on Saturday in conjunction with the Denver Century Ride and we could ride down to check it out. Surely it will be worthwhile. And then the Denver Century is on Sunday. We're going to help ACT set up the first aid station early, then after church we may hike around the foothills somewhere or spectate the ride. The ride begins and ends at Invesco so it could be fun to go back to Denver.

So we might snag a hike in somewhere, but I think its going to be a bike community weekend. And into next week there will still be no reason to haul Forester out for a few more days.

Pics to follow.


  1. Good luck with your noble quest. I've made it about three weeks without driving on several occasions, but for whatever reason a car trip of some sort eventually pops up. Part of it is having family in adjoining states and no other viable way to visit them. I enjoy the challenging and fun game of seeing how long I can keep the car parked, though.

  2. Thanks! We ended up driving today. Went a full week though. Next week we're actually going on a mini-GASP-road trip! But after that we should be able to keep out of the car for awhile.