Friday, June 10

Commuting Adventures

In May I had a little singing companion each morning as I rode in to work. I thoroughly enjoyed riding with Silly Bean.

On our visit to Kentucky I had a great ride with my father-in-law despite his ugly crash.

And this past week Mandy has been meeting me in Golden in the evenings and we've been taking long routes home.

I've discovered, me the perpetual soloist, that I enjoy riding with other people.

Speaking of riding with other people...

This morning I found myself smack in the middle of a bicycle traffic jam on Denver West Parkway. As I came out of Applewood I saw another cyclist ahead of me on an older mountain bike with pannier racks and the obligatory single pannier of a commuter. It became quickly apparent that I was going to overtake him.

As I got closer I saw another cyclist stopped on the side of the road astride a Moots road bike ahead of the first. The Moots was the second I had seen, the other had been subjected to the indignity of being hauled on a trunk rack of a Volvo.

As the first commuter over took the Moots rider I overtook them both. But just a few short moments before I had been overtaken myself by a young buck on a slick carbon road bike standing up on his pedals. He passed the Moots rider first, then the MTB commuter, then me.

I had to laugh and I said to the MTB commuter and the Moots rider as he stepped onto his pedals: "It looks like we've taken over the road!" They both agreed and we all continued down the road.

Approaching NREL I was still ahead of the two riders I had passed, but I saw the young roadie pass another mountain bike commuter entering NREL. I hung left down to Isabell and a few short minutes later reached South Golden Road where I found myself overtaking another vintage MTB commuter. He was putzing along with a climbing haulbag on his back riding a 90s era MTB.

I easily overtook him, not making an effort to drop him. I got well ove rin the lane to go around and made sure to get well ahead of him so as not to cut him off with my long tail. Then I settled into the drops to cruise on to work.

But a few seconds later I hear the rattled of a chain switching gears and he comes past me within a few inches, pumping hard on his pedals. He cuts me off to get back over the righht edge of the lane and then starts making his way left and giving a left turn signal. He never looked back or acknowledged my presence, but the gesture seemed pretty distinct: you're not going to pass me!

I saw a couple more bikes before I got to work. At least a dozen shared the road with me this morning. Let the commuting adventures begin!

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