Friday, June 10

Cruising Speed Friday: Upgrades and Headwinds

I forgot it could have been a Ramming Speed Friday until I was almost out of Golden this afternoon. But by then I was groaning against a weird headwind and dragging what felt like a low back tire.

I didn't try to crank at that point. Ratcheting up the effort halfway into the ride won't knock out an impressive time or average speed anyway. And I was portaging two new wheels home!

A coworker (thanks Shaun!) sold me a 26" wheelset including tubes, tires and tireliners. Tonight I'll be swapping out wheels on the Cannonball and putting knobbies back on the OBS! We'll be mountain biking again soon and I'm okay with that.

I've got some other fleet maintenance to do, including some work to Mandy's road bike. It'll be a biketastic weekend.


Now I have an Xtracycle that looks like a proper road bike. I'm set for some upcoming touring with new wheels and tires. And the OBS is back together and rideable. I need to swap tires and give it a good tuneup, but it rides like the OBS I remember from a couple of months ago. I'm stoked to hit some summer trails!

The ole Travel Contacts are looking rough:

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