Wednesday, June 29

It's All Training...

This morning I briefly overcame gravity and summited Genesee Mountain on the Cannonball. It was a good trek up out of the plains, especially considering my ambitious plans for the weekend.

As I toiled up Mount Vernon Canyon on US 40, the sound of semis groaing up I-70 below and smaller, nimbler vehicles whining at high RPMs past them, I hashed out more of a plan for my tour up to Guanella.

I had planned on doing Evans, but something made me decide to abandon the Evans plans for something else. So I bumped up Guanella for the weekend of the 4th of July and the next weekend is still wide open. I'm waiting to see what happens with the weather and other circumstances as Sun Tzu has advised me from The Art of War.

The dry run up Genesee was good prep for my next push up Mount Vernon Canyon when I will be loaded for touring. It took me two and a half hours to travel the 20 miles from home to the summit and it took another fifteen minutes to head back down the canyon and to work which was another 10 miles. Yeah, I did average 40 mph on the return trip.

I like making these out of the ordinary rides. I was out of my cvomfort zone a bit, even though I'm familiar with the ride. But Genesee is one of those I typically only do once or twice a year. I had forgotten how it was hard. And how hard it was. My body isn't as conditioned to a 2-3 hour ride as I expected it to be. I'll be resting lots on my upcoming bike tour.

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