Tuesday, June 21


Evans was blanketed in shining white snow this morning. That does not bode well for my Fourth of July attempt. No more snow please! It's summer now. No more snow.

Genesee Mountain was going to fall this morning. My mind was ready and would be ready to push my body if it was not. But then near disaster last night…

I left work behind the rain. It had rained all day but there was a lull as I pushed out the lower doors of the Taj.

And then, just before Illinoising I crashed in a mud puddle. Suffice it to say I was cold, wet and muddy. Bonus: I landed on the elbow and knee I had scuffed up last week while riding the Big Dry Creek Trail.

For a few pedal strokes on Illinoising, after composing myself to continue my commute home, I conisdered calling Mandy to have her come pick me up. I was wussing. I was sore and cold.

I persevered. I rode on home as the mud dried on my wounded pride and appendages. But in my mind I was a bit shaken.

I'm fine. There was no permanent damage, either physical or mental. And after deciding this morning to drive to work I changed my mind and told my lovely wife that I would not let a little crash stop me from riding. Over the winter I had many such crashes and got up from each one, dusted off the snow and continued on my merry way. I was shaken mostly because of the mud, and cold water and the previous injury to my elbow which throbbed and stung in the shower as I peeled off handfuls of dried mud.

So I rode this morning. I was slow. I was reserved. But I rode. Needless to say I didn't have it in me to tackle Genesee this morning. I was sore, tired and not so motivated to impress the world with my cycling prowess.

Tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. We'll see you at the Arvada City Hall breakfast station. And then on a morning not far hence…Genesee goes down.

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  1. Wow, that looked really ugly on the feed! Glad you're going to be ok.