Thursday, June 2

Peeking at Peak Oil

Just finished reading a good article posted by the Post Carbon Institute on Britain's recent initiative on peak oil and the coming transition.

There's no doubt the US needs to come to the same realization and fast. Until we admit there is a problem, we're never going to be able to work toward a solution or a plan of action to help as many people as possible survive and endure the Transition. But of course the reality is that with any potential apocalyptic event, massive die-offs seem imminent as global food supply chains crumble and our access to cheap and easy energy sources is halted by exorbitant costs and diminishing supplies.

Our country is not in an economic crisis, we're ultimately in an energy crisis. With our population continuing to grow while our supplies of oil fail to do the same...and before you start screaming "Drill, Baby, Drill!" just remember, if we had it we'd have been pumping it a long time ago because we're greedy that way...there is no way to replace fossil fuels with another viable energy source that will meet our current transportation needs in time to avert catastrophe.

Wind and solar power will not allow us to continue commuting from 45 miles out in the suburbs in our cars. What happens to the suburbanites when the gas becomes cost prohibitive or stops flowing altogether?

Unfortunately I don't think the average American is ready to admit the reality that our lifestyles are completely unsustainable, and that whether our president is a Democrat, Republican, or wacko Tea Partier that particular reality isn't going to go away. And a president alone isn't going to fix the fatal flaw of modern society alone. It is going to take all of us.

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