Thursday, June 16

Racing a Slow Leak or Two

I love riding with other people. I particularly love riding with my lovely wife.

When it rains (which is rarely on the Front Range) it pours. Tonight as Mandy and I rode home after church we discovered that we each had a leaking tube. Mandy's rear tire was spewing goo and the offending object was clacking on the pavement. My front tire went drastically low a few minutes later and I had to stop and put some air in it.

We raced toward home. I was uncharacteristically unprepared. We didn't have a spare tube for either bike. I found out later I only had two patches with me. We were trying to make it before either of us went completely flat.

We made it to the Tabor bridge over I-70. Mandy's tire finally went flat. She had been talking about riding on ahead if my tire kept going flat, but in the end it was me that blasted on as she continued by walking her bike.

I made it home, amazingly, without going flat again. Forester Gump carried me back west and I found Mandy walking along Ridge Road.

So we spent some time bonding tonight as we sat in the living room floor changing tubes and putting a new tire on her wheel.

We agree doing bike maintenance together is enjoyable.

Mandy had something big in the center of her tire which punctured her Goo tube. I had a gash in the sidewall of my tube, but no damage to my tire. It was a total coincidence.

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