Sunday, June 5

Year of the Longtails: Greening of the Thumbs

Four tomato plants, two pepper plants and a bag of potting soil

The Cannonball has pulled extra duty today making up for a week off. First we rode down to Echter's to get some plants and sundries for the garden. I hauled some plants and a bag of soil back. Then we worked for a bit getting seeds in the ground. I planted the blackberry plants and then we struggled not to lapse into a coma/nap.

Finally I wrestled my lovely wife onto her Ute and we pedaled to town to get some lunch. From Arby's we headed on up to Sunflower to get groceries so we wouldn't have to go back to Arby's for subsequent meals.

On the way home we swung by King Soopers and then Safeway. By the time we were cranking up Garrison home I had a four pack of root beer, a watermelon, two bags of groceries and some fruit. And Mandy was loaded down too.

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