Saturday, July 16

Back to Buffalo Creek

I took the whole family, though only Boone and Lily rode their bikes. We drove to the Buffalo Creek Road trailhead at Buffalo Campground. The road is blocked off and parallels Buffalo Creek all the way down and out to the village of Buffalo Creek.

Its a nice easy descent for about a mile to the junction with the Baldy Trail. At the trail intersection we discovered an aid station for a triathlon. We dropped the bikes and took the Baldy Trail a short distance on foot to the Gashouse Gulch Trail. Once on Gashouse Gulch we could see where our geocache was hiding.

We found "The Dude Abides" GC14PNE at 39.35083, -105.32488.

We also saw a few other cyclists. I can't wait to go back and ride and Mandy kept saying: "I just need a mountain bike!"

I love the Buffalo Creek area. The forest fires of years ago have created a surreal, but beautiful landscape. There are large open meadows where there was once thick forests. You can see the odd rock formations in their entirety.

And the trails are just phenomenal. Buffalo Creek Road is...well, an old road. And the other trails are singletrack that winds up gulches and ridges at generally easy grades.

We discussed backpacking and bikepacking in the area. It would be very good for either with the kids. Boone had a really good time riding his bike too. And Lily did good. She's still not riding on her own, but she did good with the Balance Buddy today. It won't be long...

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