Friday, July 22

Healing Speed Friday: Stir Crazy in My House

Ugh! Third day down.

The pain is still distinctly there, but there is a subtle improvement. I can raise my arm almost horizontal before it starts hurting.

My presence in the house has thrown the routine completely off kilter. I need to get back on my own routine. I'm gonna give work a go on Monday. I'm gonna have some catching up to do. And I'm afraid my wife may smother me in my sleep if I don't get out of her hair. I'm a grain of sand in a well-oiled machine.

I can't complain, she takes great care of me. The situation just adds complication to everything we do. It's frustrating for both of us. Though the kids seem to take great delight in helping out. They're good kids. I have a great SAG crew and I'm thankful for them.

The injury has made me appreciate all three of them even more.

Didn't leave the property yesterday. Didn't really want to venture too far in the heat.

Might give it a go today. Despite the heat a walk around the neighborhood would be good for the soul. I still need to go to the library. I'd take the kids but I think the walk would be too much. Maybe I'll hook up the bike trailer to Boone's bike...

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