Tuesday, July 26

Moto-Fascist LOOK OUT!

Another moto-fascist sighting tonight. Of course I didn't see the MFer, it was my lovely wife and Bean on a grocery run.

They were leaving the grocery on the Ute, sitting at a red light waiting to cross from one shopping center parking lot to another, when a woman in a car pulled up on their rear wheel and laid on her horn.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" she bellowed.

Mandy shook her head 'no.' She'd taken the lane because of previous instances where inconsiderate motorists had almost clipped her making right turns. But of course the light was red so the moto-fascist had nowhere to go. She was just harassing my cycling wife.

Not only did Mandy have our four year old daughter with her, it was beginning to rain.

The 50-ish woman continued to scream obscenities and lay on her horn as they waited for light to change. She made her right turn as Mandy pulled away under a green light she called out her window ominously: "You better move next time or I'll make you move!"

You better move next time or I'll make you move?

Wow! Not only is she committing a misdemeanor by harassing a cyclist, she is also threatening and promising to commit a worse crime.

What ails people?


  1. What kills me about this event is that if Mandy had been in a car, the driver would have thought nothing of having to wait at the light. Dumb.

  2. Yeah, I'm blown away that motorists (any and all, myself included) will get terribly bent out of shape because of a perceived delay when the reality of the situation is that any delay is minimal and insignificant.