Saturday, July 23

Pondering Resilience

Being laid up with a bum shoulder leaves one ample time to catch up on back issues of Mother Earth News, research garden plans for next year and plot and plan a bike-garage/storage shed in the backyard for the near future.

Unfortunately, for one who has trouble sitting still, getting the creative waters churned up in such a manner frustrates the body and mind.

My newest scheme is blueberries. Next spring I'm going to put in three blueberry bushes along our fence. If I can identify more suitable space I may plant a few more.

Being laid up with a bum shoulder gives you plenty of time to bemoan not being born with a bamboo spoon in my mouth. If only I had a trust fund to invest in my hippie-dom.

MEN had an article in the issue just prior to the current entitled What the Right Bike Can Do for You that discusses different types of bikes and the benefits of cycling for your health, your pocketbook, the environment and your community.

I enjoyed the article, but wish the author had included cargo bikes.

So how 'bout John Boehner walking out of the budget talks? Doesn't it seem childish to you that our "leaders" will bicker over economic ideology when what we really need is some reality and common sense?

I jokingly told Mandy to put a 50 pound bag of brown rice on the grocery list yesterday. Well, maybe only half-jokingly...

Once my wing is a little stronger I'm going to learn to make a solar still.

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