Friday, July 29

Sneaked in a Ride

Okay, I know I said I was off the bike until Monday no matter what, but last night a coffee shop in Olde Town was offering free coffee and ice cream and I wanted to take my family. I was feeling pretty good so I carefully rode the two miles to the coffee shop with Boone on the Cannonball.

My heart only skipped a beat or two as we approached the first railroad crossing between our house and town.

My shoulder felt good. Riding didn't hurt it, though I'm sure crashing again would be disastrous.

Later we drove to Golden and because I-70 was a rush-hour mess we took 44th. We crossed the tracks where I crashed and the whole family got to see the scene of the crime.

I drove in to work today. The thought had crossed my mind to ride, but I'm going to hold off til Monday for sure. Don't tell my doctor.

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