Sunday, July 17

Sunday Afternoon Bike Project: Converting Kid Hauler to Cargo Trailer

Since we've gotten the cargo bikes the two-wheeled kid trailer has sat unused. Ironically the weekend we got the Ute a neighbor gave us a second child trailer. So I've had the idea in the back of my mind to convert our older trailer to a utility/cargo/touring trailer.

As we discussed upcoming potential bikepacking adventures I was reminded of the trailer, so this afternoon I dragged it out into the sun and Bean and I stripped it down to its frame and rearranged the nylon components to create a lightweight cargo trailer I can haul behind the Cannonball X.

I know it probably seems silly considering the hauling capacity of the Xtracycle, but what I'm looking at is that if I have the trailer to put some of the bulkier camping items on then there will be plenty of room for Boone to ride on the deck of the X when we tour or bikepack.

We'll put it through its road/trail test this coming weekend. I'm scheming even now. Medicine Bow Trail? Boreas Pass Road? Buffalo Creek? We'll see...

Having the Xtracycle made it feasible to convert the trailer. I'll be able to use it to haul stuff locally that I wouldn't have been able to haul with just the Cannonball. I foresee the newly recrafted cargo trailer getting upgraded as the need arises.

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