Thursday, July 21

The Aftermath

Nothing is broken. Just a simple shoulder separation. Referred for physical therapy.

The pain is only bad if I try to do something drastic, or if Norm claps me on the shoulder. I caught his hand before it landed right on the AC joint.

I can sleep pretty well on the couch with my back against the couch back. The muscles in the general political region around the AC joint are starting to ache. Still no bruising, so alas, no worthy photos for the blog.

I've been able to eat, type, hoe in the garden , put my contacts in, brush my teeth, etc, etc, all right-handed. Been having to wear shorts with an elastic waistband, no buttons or zippers, and have to step into my hiking boots that always stay loosely tied.

Driving is out. Running is out. Needless to say cycling is out.

It's rough for me. I'm someone not content to sit around and do nothing. While I take full advantage of the downtime and catch up on Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: TNG, Fawlty Towers and a bunch of movies in my instant queue on Netflix, I'd much rather be 100% mobile.

I am going to try to go out for a walk later. I've got a book in at the library. It'll be a good excuse to get outside and sweat.

My sister-in-law was in a nasty fender bender this morning. The driver of the car that hit them blamed her child in the car for causing the accident. Odd twist on the shirking of responsibility. Anarchy with Benefits. Drive as fast as I want and blame my child when something bad goes wrong.

After my crash one of my family members mentioned it was a good thing I hadn't had one of the kids with me. My stomach churned. I'd ridden across those tracks with at least one of the kids before. It made me realize I need to take riding and transporting my own children more seriously.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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