Friday, July 1

To the Mountains

First off, quick tally of June's mileage: 527.7 which puts June second behind this past April at 528.02. So close!

I may have bitten off more than I can chew, Dear Readers, as I strike out west toward Guanella Pass in just a few minutes. I packed the bike up and rode in to work this morning. The Cannonball awaits me in the hallway. I hope I do not let my steed down, as the engine that will propel it to glory in the foothills and mountains west of the plains.

I'm not conditioned for this. I will suffer.

But I have time and I can go slow. My goal for today is to reach Idaho Springs before the thunderstorms that are predicted for later in the day arrive. I will do my best.

Look for a trip report Tuesday and until then: enjoy your Fourth of July weekend!

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